PSD - Soap Box Derby Races

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Name: PSD - Soap Box Derby Races
Date: June 10, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CDT
Event Description:

Pea Soup Days - Soap Box Derby Races


Saturday June 10, 2023
There are five basic requirements for derby cars and participants:
 1. Has to Go!  
 All cars must have 4 wheels. Each derby car must be gravity powered. No motors or engines. There is no limitation on size, weight, materials or designs. Must have four (4) wheels! Cars are typically 4 ft. to 6 ft. long and 2 ft. to 3 ft. wide and generally made of wood. When using wood it is suggested that you use screws rather than nails and be sure to use plenty of wood glue.
2. Has to Turn!
 Simple pivot steering is the most basic and common steering system. Basically, the front axle is a solid piece that rotates about a single pivot in the center. This system is the most simple to construct and is quite adequate since you will not need a big turning radius.  Four bar linkage is like a steering mechanism that you might find in your automobile. It is more complex and harder to construct and thus it is seldom recommended. Whatever method of steering you use, it is not wise to limit it to the range of your car. The derby will be run on a straight course so that there will be little need for sharp turns. Please do not design your car to turn on a dime, it is not safe and may cause your car to flip.
3. Has to Stop!
 Skid pad on the wheels is a very basic, yet very effective braking method. In this method, you set up a pad or brake shoe that rubs against the wheels to stop the car. This is the most preferred method for cars made from scratch because of its effectiveness and simplicity.  A skid pad on the ground is similar to the first option, but instead of a pad contacting the wheels, it contacts the ground. This method is a little more complex to construct and probably less effective than the pad on the wheels method. However, this is the method that was first used in soapbox racers.  Caliper brakes on the wheels are like your basic bicycle brakes. This method works great although the construction needs to be fairly concise for the brakes to be effective.  Anchor or parachute could be used but, Just for fun! Regardless of the braking system that you choose the most important thing is that the car must be able to stop. Good brakes will go a long way in preventing crashes.
 4. Has to wear a Helmet!
 Helmets are a must! Please do not alter helmets in any way that would change their effectiveness. Cars will not be allowed on the track unless the driver is wearing a helmet. Elbow pads are also strongly encouraged.
5. Has to have Permission!
 Be sure to pick up an entry form/permission slip before the race. All drivers under the age of 18 must have the permission slip signed by their parent to enter the derby. Entry forms can be mailed to Soapbox Race, 610 Hud Street, Somerset Wi. 54025, or emailed to snemec@somtel.net or need to be turned into the starting line  at the corner of Hud and Francis streets, by 1:00 PM on Saturday June 10th. Please note that permission slips must be signed in order to race.


Course will be open for practice runs 1 hour before races start.  Check in will be at the intersection of Francis and Hud Streets.

Questions can be directed to; Brad Nemec, snemec@somtel.net  or 715-497-5887
Prize Awards
Prizes will be paid to the top three racers in both divisions, 12 and under (age as of June 1st) and 13 and over.  Payouts are listed below.
12 and under                               13 and over
1st place $100.00                          1st place $100.00
2nd place $50.00                           2nd place $50.00
3rd place $25.00                           3rd place $25.00
Best looking car 12U                   Best looking car 13 and over
1st place $100.00                          1st place $100.00
2nd Place $50.00                           2nd place $50.00
The same car can be raced in both divisions but must be a different driver in each division race.
All decisions will be final by the games committee!
Somerset Collision Center
Spartan Auto
Bumper to Bumper Driving School LLC
C and A Lawn Care
Flandrick Farms
Name of Participant _________________________________________________Age __________
Address ____________________________________________________
Telephone number _____________________________________________
Please list identifying information on your car. (Color, name or number) ________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of Parent or Legal Guardian____________________________________________________ Telephone number __________________________________________________
Please check each box as you have reviewed the information.
□ I have read and understand the rules and regulations of the derby and agree to comply.
□ My car has been constructed as outlined (has working steering and brakes) and is considered to be eligible to drive.
□ I agree to conduct myself appropriately, demonstrating good sportsmanship and refraining from inappropriate conduct.
I give permission for my son or daughter, _______________________________________________ to participate in the Soapbox and will not hold Somerset Chamber of Commerce, Somerset Loins Club, or Somerset Fire and Rescue or any of its representatives responsible should an accident occur.
______________________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian
(If under 18 years of age)

Francis Street
Date/Time Information:
Saturday, June 20th
@ 1-3pm
Contact Information:
Brad Nemec
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